Introducing the iGrowers InfoHub

The community farming information ATM that small-scale farmers can access anytime, when they need it without restrictions.

About the iGrowers InfoHub

Early in 2019, iGrowers InfoHub project was awarded a small grant by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to design, build and launch the very first iGrowers InfoHub in Nakuru County, Kenya. Read more about the InfoHub project here.

iGrowers was designed to provide organizations with the opportunity to effectively provide farmers with free information on pests and disease management, and more. Being digital, the iGrowers InfoHub tool also offers organizations the chance to gain through farmer research; content promotion; and products & services distribution. 

iGrowers recognizes that investing in the provision of agriculture extension services is critical in ensuring that new products and strategies are adopted. Fully functioning extension services can improve agriculture productivity through providing farmers with information albeit to enable them maximize on their limited resources. Yet, in most African countries, farmer extension ratio is overstretched making it impossible to effectively reach farmers. Where digital online content exists; access is inhibited by low literacy levels, awareness, connectivity and infrastructure issues.

iGrowers provides a platform where innovative products and strategies can be promoted through an onsite digital interactive screen loaded with researched technologies. The community based Hub supplements the required constant training and knowledge transfer to keep up with technological changes in agriculture. Farmers will now be able to keep up and consequently adopt new products and technologies.

How It Works

The iGrowers InfoHub is a responsive information ATM where farmers come to get the information they require as and when they require it. The innovative out-of-home digital medium is designed to be stationed at a high traffic area where small-scale farmers can easily visit to access agriculture information, technologies and product information.

1. Farmer visits the InfoHub location
2. Here, small-scale farmers tap on an interactive screen to get the information they need.
3. Farmers then carry this information for home reading or for their next agro dealer visit

Benefits of Using iGrowers InfoHub

  • Farmers use of the Hub is free of charge
  • Farmers have a lasting point of reference for great agriculture information and training.
  • Farmers print-out content they need to read at home or to use for agro-dealer visit.
  • iGrowers InfoHubs use pictures, videos and easy-to-understand language making it possible for small-scale farmers to follow.
  • With the iGrowers InfoHubs farmers are not restricted by set timings or durations as they can access the content any time, many times with no restrictions.
  • Farmers access content with ease without getting distracted by other internet noise. Unlike with the internet or other online digital content, the iGrowers InfoHub is a digital computer that ONLY comes loaded with organized agriculture content.
  • iGrowers InfoHubs have a user-friendly interface that allow farmers to interact with the agriculture information to find solutions for issues they are facing.
  • The Hubs are able to disseminate information without being online. Users are not required to have a smart phone or pay any data charges to use the Hubs.

Benefits to the Deploying Organisation

  • The Hubs provide an avenue to collect data on different hub usage for further farmer communication targeting
  • Benefits of hosting the Hub include an increased farmer traffic into the host outlets. Furthermore, outlets will be able to make supplementary income from associated printing services created by the Hubs.