Work With Us

Work With Us

Currently, iGrowers Information Hub is engaging directly with fuerte and hass avocado buyers both local and exporters.

iGrowers Information Hub farmers are also keen to take up new climate smart technologies to help them build resilience against the negative effects of climate change. Technologies that would improve avocado and beans productivity are especially welcome.

iGrowers Information Hub farmers also plant mangoes and passion fruits and are seeking ways of engaging directly with the corresponding markets.

For community based organisations working with small-scale farmers, consider being a host partner and join us in empowering our country’s farmers. Talk to us if you wish to become a host partner.

Work With Us

Becoming an iGrowers InfoHub Host Partner

The iGrowers InfoHubs

The iGrowers InfoHub consists of the following:

  1. A community of farmers sharing one goal and purpose which involves the willingness to work hard and produce good quality commercial produce
  2. An InfoHub Host Partner who offers to host the iGrowers Infohub ICT system and hire an iGrowers Hub Technician on a full time basis to manage the activities of the Hub.

The iGrowers InfoHub Host Partner’s role is to sustainably link his community of farmers with various agricultural technologies and services. They do this by using the iGrowers Infohub ICT system to balkanize and service orders of the various technologies and services.

Benefits of Becoming an iGrowers InfoHub Host Partner

The InfoHub Host Partner benefits by linking their farmers directly to the market and gaining fair market prices for them.

The InfoHub Host Partner also benefits by ensuring their farmers receive the information and technologies they need at affordable prices.

Becoming an iGrowers InfoHub Host Partner

The iGrowers InfoHub Host Partner must be able and willing to reach at least 500 small-scale farmers with 60% of the farmers actively taking up most of the InfoHub services and technologies.